When Can You File Your Tax Return?

Answer: You can began the processing of your income tax return as soon as you receive your last paystub and we will finalize your income tax return as soon as you receive your W2/1099 and other pertinent documents! If you are expecting to receive a refund, the earlier you file your tax return the sooner you will receive your refund since refunds are processed on a first come first serve basis. Also, with our expedited e-File processing, you can receive your refund in as little as two weeks! Of course, we are here all year long and happy to help you at any time.

What is E-File and What Are its Benefits?

Answer: E-File allows for an electronic transmission of your tax return directly to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Our E-File service allows for faster transmission and more accurate filing using the latest and most comprehensive software and technology package. Our tax preparers and software ensure that your tax returns are free of errors which means that you will receive the maximum refund in the shortest time. We also adhere to the highest standard of safekeeping your personal financial information to protect you and your family from identity theft and other online schemes.